An Unparalleled Culinary Experience

Our team of highly qualified chefs brings to your table a menu full of authentic and delicious food, made with fresh and aromatic ingredients.

Each dish is an explosion of flavors, from the spicy and exotic dishes to the softest and most comforting.

Explore the perfect balance between sweetness, acidity and spiciness that define Thai cuisine.

Shrimp Roll – 8€
Goong Hom Pha
Spring Roll – 7€
Pho Phew Thod
Vegetable tempura – 7€
Tempura Phak
Fried Tofu – 6,5€
Tau Hoo Thod
Shrimp Cake – 8€
Chicken Satay – 7€
Satay Gai
Beef Satay – 9€
Nuan Gai
Beef Satay – 9€
Nuan Gai
Prawn Fresh Roll – 8,5€
Goong Hom Pha
Prawn Tempura – 10€
Tempura Goong

Our Amazing Thai Soups

Thai Soups
Tom Yum Jay – 7
In This Vegetarian Thai Soup we mixed the acidity & spicy along with mushrooms and famous Thai herbs.
Tom Ka Hed – 6,5
This is a combination of coconut milk, mushrooms and Thai Herbs.
Tom Yum Goong – 8
Chao Phraya is a river in Thailand where there is a abundance of shrimps. From here Thai people started to make Tom Yum Goong, Tom Yum for “hot” or “boiling” and “spicy & sour”, Goong for “shrimp”.
Tom Ka Gai – 7
Incredible combination of chicken, coconut milk & Thai herbs in a fabulous Thai soup.
Spicy Noodles soup with chicken – 7

What a typical Thai soup! Noodles with spicy flavour and fresh vegetables and… wild chicken!
Spicy Noodles soup – 6,5

What a typical Thai soup! Noodles with spicy flavour and fresh vegetables… Excellent!

Our Amazing Salads

It’s time to go healthy…

Thai Salads
Chicken Thai Salad – 15
Like madam Wu, we decided to make you the original Thai Salad.
Chopped chicken as the main ingredient, red onion, chives & coriander for flavour, mint for freshness & chili for spicy.
Beef Salad – 19

What a better way to make a Thai salad then using Beef and Cucumber as main ingredients.
These 2 flavours will combine with red onion, chives, coriander & the spicy flavour of chili.
Tiger Prawn Salad – 18

We revised the original Thai Salad to create this one. Tiger prwans are the main ingredien for this Salad, mixed with red onion, chives & coriander for the extra taste. We changed the spicy to citric with kaffir leaves & lemongrass.
Carrot Salad – 12

The sweetness of the carrots and the bitterness of green beans along with garlic & peanuts.
All combined with tomato to the perfect Salad.
Apple Salad with prawns – 14

Here comes a different way to make a Thai salad. Fresh green apple based with red onions, chives, coriander, cashew nuts, grated coconut & prawns.
Mango Salad with prawns – 15

Thinking about the apple salad with prawns?? Well… We’ve decided to give you one more option by removing the replacing the green apple for fresh mango.
Clear noodle Salad prawns – 15

Two incredible ingredients are coming together to create e really fresh & tasty salad. Noodles & prawns… The flavour and texture are unbelievable,
(chives, red onion and coriander)
Cucumber Salad – 12

Cucumber and peanuts for the crunchy, red onions, chives and coriander for the flavour. Mint for fhreshness and chili for spicy

The pretiest and the tastiest Pad Thai

Our amazing noodles
Khao soi
Beef – 21 Chicken – 16
The smoothness of beef or chicken, the sweetness of the sweet potato, the acidity of pickles & onions, and the flavour of coriander. Everything mixed with crispy noodles.
Pad Thai
Prawn – 17 Chicken – 16
This dish takes us directly to Thailand. This is one of the most
famous dish in Thailand. Shrimp or chicken, soy sprouts and the delicious Pad Thai sauce.
Spicy noodles
Chicken – 16 Prawn – 17
Like madam Wu, we decided to make you the original Thai Salad.
Chopped chicken as the main ingredient, red onion, chives & coriander for flavour, mint for freshness & chili for spicy.
Glass noodles
Chicken – 16 Prawn – 17
Beatifull glass noodles with chicken or prawn mised with vegetables. Healty and delicious. Wgat more do you ned???

OMG….. Have you tried our Curry?

Tell us what’s your favourite…

This is Curry…
Panaeng Curry
Chicken – 16 Prawn – 17
Beef – 21 Duck – 18
Panaeng Curry base mixed with your choice, beef, chicken, prawns or duck. Combined perfectly with Kaffir leaves, chili and coconut milk.
Massamun Curry
Chicken – 16 Beef – 21
Lucious and sweet, this curry is for you. Chicken or beef with peanuts, sweet potatoes and onions. What a delicious combination…
Red Curry
Chicken – 16 Prawn – 17

Panaeng Curry base mixed with your choice, beef, chicken, prawns or duck. Combined perfectly with Kaffir leaves, chili and coconut milk.
Yellow Curry
Chicken – 16 Prawn – 17

Red Curry base with a chili touch, pumpkin, kaffir leaves, bail and bamboo. You cn choose between chicken or prawn for this fabulous Curry.
Green Curry
Chicken – 16 Prawn – 17

The famous green curry with chicken or prawns served with chili, courgette, kaffir leaves, basil & bamboo.
Cho0 chee Curry
SeaBass – 16 Tiger Prawn – 17
Choo Chee is a delicious curry base that combines perfectly with fish and seafood.
Tiger prawns or sebass, no matter which one, both are wonderfull.

For the Exotic Taste Buds

Sweet & Sour

Chicken – 16 Prawn – 17
For the Sweet & Sour lovers we’ve decided to bring this fabulous dish to Portugal. Chicken or prawn tempura with vegetables. The perfect Mix!
Cashew Nuts

Chicken – 16 Duck – 18
Cashew Nuts is a really healthy dry fruit. Chicken or Duck, mixde with cauliflower, bell peppers and mushrooms, it becomes a amazing dish.
Pineapple Fried Rice – 18

Pineapple Fried Rice, is a popular Thai dish that is both sweet and savory. It is made with a combination of yellow curry, pineapple chunks, raisins, vegetables, casew nuts, carrots, prawn or chicken. This dish is served in a hollowed-out pineapple, adding to its presentation and appeal.

Chicken – 16
Beef – 21
Prawn – 17
Chicken, beef or prawn, with a delicious garlc sauce, served with broccolis and coriander.
Goong Pad Cha – 22

Fabulous Tiger Prawns cooked with a special Thai herbs, coriander, chives, basil and a spicy touch.

Chicken – 16 Duck – 18
The spiciness of ginger & chilli, the sweetness of the pineapple all mixe with a delicious Thai sauce, chicken or Duck.
Spicy Fried Seabass
Spicy Fried Seabass – 20
Fried Seabass with an amazing sauce made of chives, coriander, chilli & prawns.
Seabass with Soya sauce – 20

Delicious fish marinaded with ginger, onions, chives and coriander.
Spici lemon seabass
Spici lemon seabass – 20

Seabass fillet mixed with fresh and spici herbs.
Beef Basil

Chicken – 16
Beef – 21
Prawn – 17
Beef or Chicken for the meat lovers and prawns for the seafood addict this dish is an amazing mix between your favourite protein and basil with a touch of chilli and vegetables.
Beef Oyster – 21
Fabulous oyster Thai sauce with beef ot chicken as main ingredients and fresh mushrooms.

Are you vegeratarian?

This category is for you…

Vegetarian Mains
Tofu Basil – 14
Delicious Chu Chee curry, distinguished by the use of kaffir lime leaves, basil and the star of the show… Tofu!
Pad Phak – 13
A combination of fried vegetables.
Vegetarian Pad Thai – 14
The most popular Thai dish directly from Thailand to your table in a version filled with vegetables.
Green Curry – 13
A simple Green cury made with vegetables a lot’s of love!
Jungle Curry – 13

This Curry will teleport you to the jungle. Bamboo, pumpkin, kaffir leaves, carrots, courgette, cauliflower, green beans and basil. Basically this dish os for the vegetable & spicy lovers.
Vegetarian Paneang – 13
Paneang curry base, kaffir leaves for the acifity, chilli for the spicy, a mix of vegetables and fresh coconut milk.
Choo chee Albergine Curry – 13
Albergine mixed with choo chee curry base. Just an amazing recipy…
Glass Noodles – 14
Glass noodle perfectly combined with cauliflower, broccolis, pumpkin, carrots & chives… A explosion of flavours all toghether!

Side Orders

Jasmin Rice – 4
Coconut Rice – 5
Fried Rice – 5
Steamed Noodles – 4
Fried Noodles – 4,5
Glass Noodles – 5

Kids Menu

Chicken Noodles – 8
Rice Noodles, Chicken and egg. Alkl mixed with our amazing Pad Thai Sauce.
Chicken Fried Rice – 13
Fried Rice, chicken, carrots and egg.
Burger – 13
Cheese burger with chips
Fish Fingers – 8
Fish fingers with chips

The sweet part of your meal

Our Deserts
Mango Sticky Rice – 7,5
Fried Banana – 6,5
Chocolate Brownie – 7,5
Green Tea Brownie – 7,5
Pumpkin Custard – 6,5
Tiramisu – 7
Fresh Fruit – 7,5
1 Ice Cream Scoop – 3
2 Ice Cream Scoops – 5